Artist Bio

Shelyce Jiranek is a female visual artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

Raised in South-East Queensland, Shelyce spent most of her early years living near the water in bayside Redlands City, and her connection with the water, nature and family shows through her fluid, emotional work.

Inspired by the multicultural & eclectic mix of strong women that shaped & surround her life, a common narrative behind her work is femininity and an expression of mental strength through adversity. Life lessons and her evolution into womanhood are shown in each piece to evoke feminine strength to the audience.

She embraces imperfections in her work, finding beauty in the flaws of her paint strokes, which reflect her message of freedom and courage. Her art expression is complimented by fluid techniques and unruly materials.

Beyond the canvas, Shelyce explores her yearning to find a deeper connection to her ancestral roots & traditions from Papua New Guinea, England and Scotland.

This yearning continues to guide her artistic expression on her ongoing journey to discover more about her ancestry and cultural identity.

For commission enquiries, please contact via email, instagram or phone.